Rocking Chair Birmingham AL

Rocking chairs are that essential piece to your house that puts the perfect touch to your cozy home. Whether they are located inside or outside of the home, they are beautiful accents to any style. We carry all types of rocking chairs, from the beautifully hand crafted antique rockers and gliders, to the new cute children’s styles

After a stressful day at work, there is nothing more beautiful than settling down with a hot cup of coffee and sitting down in your Rocking Chair Birmingham ALrocking chair watching the sun go down. With the variety of rocking chairs we carry, you can find just about any style you are looking for and most of ours are handmade, so you never have to worry about them wearing out any time soon. If you live in or near the Birmingham AL area you are in luck, we stay fully stocked on all rocking chairs for your convenience.

We also offer the glider style rocking chair, which add the perfect touch to a small child’s room or living room. These are perfect for the nights of rocking the children back to sleep. Gliders can be a great replacement to your standard porch swing, and are also popular as nursery furnishing for assisting parents in feeding newborn babies. Because pinch points are moved away from the floor, a glider is safer for pets and toddlers.

Our 44,000 sq. foot store with over 300 booths will have everything you are searching for from A-Z including rocking chair. Our dealers bring new items in on a daily basis. You may come in one day and see a lot you like, then come in the next week and you will see lots of merchandise that you did not see the week before. Our dealers are some of the best out there in bringing you that unique, one-of-a-kind item that you just can’t live without. For this, we are sure that you will go home a satisfied shopper. If you cannot find what you’re looking for today, be sure to check back regularly. Chances are you will find it the next time your here. So grab a friend or family member, and come to Gardendale Flea Mall, you will be glad you did!