Rent A Booth-Make a Profit

Rent A Booth – Make A Profit

I have had a booth at the Gardendale Flea Mall for almost 4 years. I am not a collector, or an antiques dealer, or an expert of anything. I am just a person who has way too much stuff in her house and has friends who have too much stuff in their house! I am pretty much like everyone I know. (They should rent a booth too)!

I learned about Gardendale Flea Mall when I met someone sitting in line at an estate sale who said they rent a booth here at GFM. She told me that she had been selling items at the Flea Mall for a few years and that it was fun, profitable and a great way to get STUFF out of your house. I decided to try it.

The hardest part for me is deciding how much to price an item. I try to stick to the rule “Mama Says Let It Go!” and to price it low so it will sell fast. Now, not give it away… but people come looking for a bargain… and you have to give it to them.

My monthly sales have never fallen below what my next month’s rent is, so I have always made a profit. Sometimes my profit is $50, sometimes it is $300 – $400 profit. Some of my friends that rent a booth here at the mall make that and much more! It all depends on what you have in your booth, how well you organize or display your merchandise, and how well you have it priced.

The ladies at the register are always glad to answer my questions, like “Do lamps sell well?” or “What price do most people have on used CD’s?” They are always friendly and willing to help you out… whether it is raising the door downstairs to let you load or unload merchandise, letting you use scissors or the tape, telling you about an upcoming event or what’s happening in the Mall.

I have had only positive experiences. Communication is the key. If you need something or need information, you ask Steve or one of the ladies. They are also really good about calling if a customer makes an offer on an item in your booth. I like that because you have an opportunity to make a sale instead of the losing a customer.

My experience has been great here and I find that I learn something new and useful about this type of business every month. If you think you might like to rent a booth, I say “GO FOR IT”! To find out more about booth rental call (205) 631-7451