Collectible Toy Cars

We all love the oh so famous collectible toy cars we grew up with. Whether it be a Matchbox, Hot Wheels, Fisher-Price, or just a brand you love. We have all of them available here in Birmingham, Alabama. We also carry older models that have been put together and a few that are still in the box if that is more of your taste.

Collectible Toy Cars Birmingham AL

Our many dealers have a huge array of toy cars that they collected before or have found along the way! We carry unopened Hot Wheels toy cars in perfect condition that would make the most exclusive collectors envious. We have several cases full of the diamond you are looking for just waiting for you to come discover them. If you look hard enough you may even find the one-of-a-kind collectible toy car at an amazing price.

If models are more of your fancy we carry everything from model cars to military models that are still in the box or waiting for you! We have them opportunely located in our cases or we have the intriguing scavenger hunt type hidden within our many booths. Any brand you can name is brought in by our dealers with the selection changing every day. If toy cars are your thing then Gardendale Flea Mall in Birmingham, Alabama is the place for you!

We have several ranges of collectible toy cars from antiques to new. Whether you are starting a new collection or finishing an old we would love for you to make an appearance here! Stop on by and add one of our collectible toy cars to your collection today! Even if you are looking to downsize your collection give us a call at (205) 631-7451 to see if any of our dealers are looking to buy. Our store is conveniently located in the Birmingham, Alabama area to better suit our toy car customers’ needs along their journey.