Booth Rental Info:

“Monthly Rental No Lease”

“New LED Lighting” Upstairs and Downstairs.
Open: 10-6pm Daily 8x10s and 10x10s Ready to Rent.
 Only 5% Commision… Covers Everything…😊 2 week notice to move out.👍

Gardendale Flea Mall & Antique Center has helped people get rid of unwanted items and make money at the same time for over 20 Years. The owners of GFM have over 40 years experience in sales and promotion. We can help you make money with just about anything.

You can become one of our respected and successful dealers and make money selling antiques, new or used items, furniture and more within your first few days! We have locked showcases for rent, when available, to sell your small items like coins, jewelry, knives, sports cards, etc…

Booth Pricing:

Booths are priced based on location within the flea mall as well as if they have power run to them. Power is included in the price of booth rental for the booths that have it available.

Space TypeMinium Price per MonthMaximum Price per Month
Booth 8×10$105.00$145.00.


Drop by and See An Employee At The Front Counter Or
Call 205-631-7451 For Further Details!

Were open 7 days a week

10 AM to 6 PM


A store of your own without all the hassle

All of our booths are built with walls covered with lattice. This gives the dealer the opportunity to decorate and organize the booth as much as possible. We have dealers that love to decorate their booths, hang lights and designs, even paint their booths. All of our booths are rented on a month to month basis. When our dealers make money, they get paid on the first of the month… Guaranteed!

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