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 Antique Sewing Machines

Here at Gardendale Flea Mall & Antique Center we have a large array of antique sewing machines. We carry most of the popular brands for both vintage and antique sewing machines in the Birmingham, AL area. We have both restored antique sewing machines and pieces that are just to look at.

Not only are vintage sewing machines a beautiful piece to add to your home. Antique Sewing Machines Birmingham ALAdding an antique sewing machine to your home can be a great way for your family to bond and to help with home crafts. The ruggedness of antique machines will last a life time with proper maintenance. The new machines, even though they are nice, are made of plastic. Whereas older machines are made almost entirely of durable metal that is nearly impossible to break.


Antique sewing machines are in high demand because many years ago sewing machine were built like tanks and were as common as toasters. With the machines ranging from small hand held to beautifully crafted masterpieces that hid all of the inner workings.

One look at the variety of antique sewing machines and you will be sold! We strive to make sure our customers have the very best selection to choose from. We have many refurbished Singer antique sewing machines.

Stop by and let one of our antique sewing machines join your beautiful home. We are conveniently located in Birmingham, AL. Our 44,000 sq. foot store with over 300 booths will have everything you are searching for from A-Z. Our dealers bring new items in on a daily basis. So grab a friend or family member, and come to Gardendale Flea Mall, you will be glad you did!

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